Sculptured Print
Shadow Box Framed
The Creation of Sculptured Prints
Sculptured Prints, the very best of cast paper 
artworks, have quickly become an exciting and 
popular art form.  Eagerly sought-after by novice
and serious art collectors, the demand for 
sculptured prints continues to grow.

In essence, the creation of sculptured prints is the combination of two specializations; the ancient science 
of paper making and the finest hand sculpting techniques. Each of the artworks is produced using a mixture 
of acid free, 100% cotton linters which has been 
prepared to exact specifications. 
Individually hand made, each sculpted print will have 
it's own unique characteristics, a common element to 
all fine art originals.
Inscription on Paper Casting
"The difference you make today,
counts in all our tomorrows."
Matted in Forest Green
11"  x  14"

INX 06 - $235.00

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